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Featured Winery of the Month

June 01, 2022 until June 30, 2022

Each month we will be showcasing a new local winery – join us for tastings and interact with the winemakers as they guest host a service at Wit & Wisdom twice a month! 

Join us this month as we host Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co. was started in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson. Working out of a small converted chicken coop in a friend’s backyard, Morgan focused on making personality-filled wines wrought from a small array of thoughtfully farmed vineyards. After six years of working alone, the winery welcomed Chris Cottrell as a partner-in-crime along with a small, dedicated staff of highly decent human beings.

The winery is first and foremost a mission-driven operation dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating old vineyards around California. These vineyards, planted by California’s viticultural pioneers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, are living pieces of history. The winery is also dedicated to taking advantage of the diverse terroirs of California and their capacity to make an enormous range of styles, be it delicate and perfumed rosé, barrel-fermented whites, or violet and pepper-tinged Syrah. 

Each year, if lucky, they find something quirky and new. Throughout all the wines, though, is a dedication to making wines that maintain poise while being infused with the California sun. And, most importantly, that are delicious.

Join us on June 8 and June 22 as Chris Cottrell joins us for a special dinner service. Learn about their winemaking process, what makes their wines so memorable and more! 

Reservations are highly encouraged! 

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